Staff and Interns


Dr. Ellen J. Kennedy, Executive Director (bio)

Emily Grobelny, Program and Operations Coordinator

Kathryn Ust, Research and Advocacy Coordinator

David Severtson, Webmaster

Marcy Olson, Graphic Designer

Patti Ellingson, CPA (pro bono)

Brad Lehrman, Legal Counsel (pro bono)


Benjamin B. Ferencz Fellows in Human Rights and Law

Shannon Jankowski, International Criminal Court

Amanda M. McAllister, International Criminal Court

Rachel Carlson, J.D., Genocide of the Herero

Nou Her, Persecuted Minorities

Victoria Dutcher, Persecuted Minorities

Jessica Grady, Persecuted Minorities

Sarah L.S. Erickson, J.D.News Associate