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World Without Genocide works to protect innocent people around the world; prevent genocide by combating racism and prejudice; advocate for the prosecution of perpetrators; and remember those whose lives and cultures have been destroyed by violence.

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Our Speakers’ Bureau provides presenters for classes, events, workshops, conferences, and panel discussions to teach about topics related to genocide and human rights. We also design and conduct workshops, arrange panel discussions following plays and films, and provide media interviews.


World Without Genocide recommends the following educational resources for teaching and learning about genocide and human rights.
"Nicosia: Peace Advocates in a Divided City," by Dr. Ellen Kennedy, MinnPost, August 5, 2016. "CEDAW and human rights," Minnesota Women's Press, July 2016 issue. "How hateful rhetoric can turn...
World Without Genocide recommends the following books to increase your understanding of the politics of genocide in the world. The first step in genocide prevention is to learn about genocides,...
World Without Genocide recommends the following films to increase your awareness about genocide in the Holocaust, Rwanda, Darfur, Congo, Bosnia, Armenia, Cambodia, and other conflict issues. We also have educational...