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January 18, 2017

Sarah Schmidt Erickson, J.D.

News Associate


Santhi Soundrajan, an Indian athlete who was stripped of her medal at the Doha Asian Games in 2006 after allegedly failing a “gender test,” will file a human rights violation complaint against the Games’ authorities. In the ten years since she had her medal taken away, she has never been given a copy of the “gender test” results despite numerous requests.

New Year’s Eve in New Delhi saw what authorities have called a “mass molestation.” Men took to the streets, harassing and groping women as they went. India has strengthened its stance against sexual assault in recent years, but many politicians, including the home minister of New Delhi’s state, have blamed the victims for the assaults saying that young women are dressing in a style that is ‘too western’ and are bringing the harassment upon themselves.


A gunman attacked a popular Turkish nightclub on New Year’s Eve killing 39 people. ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack.  The victims came from fourteen different countries including Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, India, and Canada.

Costa Rica

Latin America is experiencing a new trend in its sex trafficking industry: the trafficking of transgender women. Due to a culture of machismo, transgender people are often shunned by their families and society, and as a result they have no means to support themselves and are forced to turn to prostitution. This societal rejection has created a population that is particularly susceptible to HIV and other diseases and to sexual slavery.