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May 23, 2017

Sarah L.S. Erickson, J.D., News Associate


The UN reports the government of Belarus is becoming increasingly repressive. Over 900 people have been detained including journalists and foreign visitors.


United Nations Independent Expert in Sudan Aristide Nononsi is urging drastic and immediate democratic reforms in the

country. Nononsi is concerned about civil society leaders’ treatment, including detention of Christian religious leaders by national security forces and other factions of the government.

United States

Alaska rejected the appointment of Drew Phoenix, a transgender man, to the post of

human rights commissioner for the state.

He was the only nominee to be rejected by the state’s legislature. Republican legislators stated that they were worried Mr. Phoenix would only advocate for LGBT rights and not for the rights for all. Others questioned whether he would also uphold religious rights of Alaskans. Mr. Phoenix is an ordained Minister and does not believe that would be an issue.

Microsoft announced its intention to donate $5 million to the United Nations human rights office over the next five years. The company and the UN plan to use the partnership to leverage technological capabilities to “predict, analyze, and respond to critical human rights situations.” .