World View

August 23, 2016 Issue

Women and Genocide: Ending Impunity for Sexual Violence

Wednesday, September 28

Mitchell Hamline School of Law, Kelley Board Room 

875 Summit Avenue, St. Paul, MN

Women and girls are always targeted and victimized during genocides and mass atrocities.

A talk will be held on Wednesday, September 28 at Mitchell Hamline School of Law, 875 Summit Ave, St. Paul, Kelley Board Room, from 7:00-9:00 pm. Dr. Ellen Kennedy, Executive Director of World Without Genocide, will discuss major outbreaks of violence against women: kidnapping and sexual slavery of Armenian women during World War I; medical cruelty and forced prostitution perpetrated in the Ravensbruck women’s concentration camp during the Holocaust; the use of ‘rape camps’ in Bosnia in the 1990s; rape and intentional transmission of HIV/AIDS to more than 500,000 Rwandan women during the 1994 genocide; and sexual slavery of Yazidi women and girls in Syria and Iraq perpetrated today ISIS/ISIL. She will discuss changes in international laws to prosecute those who utilize sexual violence as a weapon of war.

Tara Kalar, J.D., will speak about United Nations resolutions to eliminate discrimination against women locally and globally.

The talk is open to the public; no reservations are necessary. $15 general public, $10 students and seniors, and free to Mitchell Hamline students. Two ‘clock hours’ for teachers.

Continuing legal education credits are available for lawyers: $45 for 2 Elimination of Bias CLE credits (pending).

The event is co-sponsored by the Human Rights Committee of the Minnesota State Bar Association.


Holocaust KindertransportSurvivor Testimony Online

Mr. Benno Black was born in Breslau, Germany in 1926. When Hitler came to power in 1933, his family tried to emigrate to the US, where they had relatives. They weren’t successful.  In 1938, England voted to allow 10,000 unaccompanied Jewish children into the country. Benno’s mother signed him up, and a year later he left Germany for safety in England on what were called ‘kindertransports.’ He was 13, alone, and he hoped to be reunited with his family in a short time. But his story is like that of so many other ‘kindertransport’ children – he never saw his parents again.

He spoke at this year’s Summer Institute for High School and College Students. His story is available on our website at


July 28, 2016 Issue

Summer Institute for High School and College Students

Recipient, Minnesota Ethical Leadership Award

Women and Genocide

August 9-11, 2016

Mitchell Hamline School of Law, 875 Summit Avenue, St. Paul, MN

“I enjoyed this very much- one of the best parts of summer,” a former student said.

Women are always uniquely involved and affected by genocide.  They are victims of gendered and sexual violence, displacement, starvation, and abuse.  Women also perpetrate genocide and influence international human rights law as prosecutors, judges, and investigators.

The 2016 Institute explores women’s experiences during the Holocaust, the genocides in Bosnia and Argentina, and current crises in Congo and Syria. Students will participate in a mock trial, hear from survivors of conflict, learn skills to become human rights leaders, and more. Register by July 31 here


The White Rose Exhibit

July 12-August 31

Mitchell Hamline School of Law, 875 Summit Avenue, St. Paul, MN

In 1942, a group of University of Munich students began the non-violent “White Rose” resistance group. Sophie Scholl, a founder of the group, led a campaign that condemned the violent Nazi regime by distributing leaflets at German universities.  In 1943, the Gestapo arrested seven members of the group, including Sophie Scholl and her brother Hans, and they were executed.

The exhibit highlights White Rose members and their actions to stand up against the Nazis. The exhibit is free and open to the public Mondays-Thursdays 7 am-midnight, Fridays 7 am-10 pm, Saturdays 8 am-10 pm, and Sundays 8 am-midnight.

The exhibit is co-sponsored by the Germanic-American Institute and the Human Rights Committee of the Minnesota State Bar Association.


Volunteer Opportunities

Since the founding of World Without Genocide eleven years ago, hundreds of volunteers have contributed thousands of hours to our education and advocacy work at local, state, and national levels. We are deeply grateful.

We welcome new volunteers.

For people in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, join us to provide support at programs and events, assist with advocacy and outreach, or to coordinate our traveling exhibit, Tents of Witness: Genocide and Conflict.

For those who are not in our local region, we invite you to be a ‘guest contributor’ with an article for World View, our quarterly newsletter, or a commentary that we can consider for our website.

Contact to let us know of your interest.


Internships at World Without Genocide, Fall 2016

We have two openings for fall 2016: Advocacy and Outreach Intern and Program and Operations Intern. Both positions are unpaid, 15-20 hours a week. Course credit can be arranged for college students. For more information, click here. Applications are due by August 22.


News and Legislation Associate Position Opening

The News and Legislation Associate prepares twice-monthly postings for electronic distribution on the World Without Genocide website and list-serv. The information will include news about current national and international human rights issues such as genocides, mass atrocity crimes, tribunal proceedings, refugee crises, etc. Legislation updates will present highlights of Senate and House resolutions and bills on related issues. This is an unpaid position. Clickhere for a description and application information.