World Without Genocide in the News

Tolerance 2017, April 1, 2017: “Where is Anne Frank?” by Dr. Ellen Kennedy. Read the article here.

MinnPost, February 16, 2017: “Where is Anne Frank?” by Dr. Ellen Kennedy. Read the article here.

MinnPost, August 5, 2016: “Nicosia: Peace Advocates in a Divided City” by Dr. Ellen Kennedy. Read the article here.

Minnesota Women’s Press, July 2016: “CEDAW and Human Rights.” Read the article here.

Star Tribune, April 18, 2016: “How Hateful Rhetoric Can Turn Deadly” by Dr. Ellen Kennedy. Read the article here.

Star Tribune, December 4, 2015: “Yes, 1940s Britain Did Take in Refugees” by Dr. Ellen Kennedy. Read the article here.

MinnPost, March 2, 2015: “Buddhist Monks and the Holocaust: Small Steps in Myanmar” by Christie Nicoson and Nicholas Webb. Read the article here.

Bench & Bar of Minnesota, January 2014: “Conflict Minerals and the Law” by Dr. Ellen Kennedy, Sonja Peterson, and Nicholas Webb. Read the article here.

Enough Project blog, April 30, 2014: “Minnesota Lawyers Support Conflict Free Initiative” by Sonja Dunnwald Peterson. Read the post here.

MinnPost, March 12, 2014: “Military women’s extra trauma: combat stress and sexual assault” by Dr. Ellen Kennedy. Read the article here.

MinnPost, December 10, 2013: “The ICC: prosecuting the worst perpetrators in the world” by Dr. Ellen Kennedy. Read the article here.

Star Tribune, December 05, 2013: “For 65 years, a failure on genocide” by Dr.  Ellen Kennedy.  Read the article here.

MinnPost, December 4, 2013: “Never forget Nazi genocide- and heed mass atrocities occurring today” by Eric Bain. Read the article here.

Star Tribune, November 29, 2013: “What would you think if your health care worker aided torture?” by Alison Schmidt. Read the article here.

Star Tribune, October 25, 2013: “U.S. must boycott the Winter Olympics” by Dr. Ellen Kennedy. Don’t let Sochi in 2014 be an echo of Berlin in 1936. Read the article here.

Star Tribune, August 3, 2013: “Native women easy prey for traffickers” by Christine Stark. After centuries of mistreatment, Native women today are the only group mainly abused by men of another race. Read the article here.

Post Bulletin, May 14, 2013: Dr. Kennedy writes about the link between your cell phone and violence in Congo. Read the article here.

Sunnyside Gardens, June 15, 2012: Students from Edison High School and Sunnyside Gardens with World Without Genocide collaborate to plant a tree commemorating Wangari Maathai. Read the blog post here.

Edina Sun Current, June 12, 2012: Tents of Witness, a travelling, interactive and intergenerational exhibit on genocide and human rights atrocities, wins the Minnesota Idea Open Grant. Read the article here.

Golden Valley Patch, May 7, 2012: Katie Bowden, a participant in last year’s Summer Institute for high school students, wins a peace award for her anti-bullying efforts. Read the article here.

MPR News, April 19, 2012: Dr. Kennedy writes about the legacy of Nuremberg. Read the article here.

Enough Project, April 19, 2012: Guest Blog for Holocaust Remembrance Day. Read Dr. Kennedy’s blog post here.

MinnPost Community Voices, April 19, 2012: Read about how we can truly support Holocaust Remembrance Day through advocacy at the international level here.

Watch this interview to learn about East TimorDr. Kennedy shares insights from her 2011 trip to East Timor, as aired on “It’s a Woman’s World.”  Watch the interview here.

Edina Sun-Current, November 18, 2011: ” ‘Children of Genocide’ talk Nov. 17 in Edina”
Edina resident Dr. Ellen Kennedy, executive director of World Without Genocide, will speak on “Children of Genocide: The Holocaust, Cambodia, and Rwanda” Read More…

Star Tribune, August 17, 2011: “From bullying to genocide, these students take a stand” by Gail Rosenblum
Avalon Levey’s “enough” moment came during her American history class last year at Maplewood’s Mounds Park Academy.Read More…

Minnesota Daily, August 3, 2011: “Students study genocide to prevent bullying” by Sally Hunter
Last fall, Rachel Beecroft found herself awake at midnight with an idea to teach high school students about bullying and genocide. Read More…

Community Reporter, May 2011: “World Without Genocide: Witness and Remember” by Jerry Rothstein
World Without Genocide was created in 2006 with a mission that supports global education, economic development and micro-enterprise to promote strong communities and prevent prejudice, discrimination and violence. Read More…

ThisWeek, April 12, 2011: “Screening of ‘Einsatzgruppen: The Death Brigades’ is April 14 at Apple Valley church” by Andrew Miller
Though the grisly Nazi war atrocities depicted in “Einsatzgruppen: The Death Brigades” occurred more than a half century ago, it’s a film with a message that remains relevant today, says Rev. John Matthews, senior pastor at Grace Lutheran Church.Read More…

Senate.MN, April 11, 2011: “Pappas Resolution Declares April Genocide Awareness Month”
State Sen. Sandy Pappas, DFL-St. Paul, presented a resolution on the Senate floor today to recognize April as Genocide Awareness and Prevention Month. State Rep. Frank Hornstein, DFL-Minneapolis, is introducing a similar resolution today in the House. Read More….

KFAI Radio, March 9,2011: “International Women’s Day – Ellen Kennedy & World Without Genocide”
An hour long radio and video broadcast on the Guthrie Theatre’s production of Heaven. Part OnePart TwoPart ThreePart Four.

Stop Genocide Now, March 5, 2011: “Empowerment and Inspiration”
This will be the third “camp” inspired by Camp Darfur. Minnesota’s World Without Genocide is building Tents of Witness with tents to include Somalia, Argentina, Native Americans and more.  Read More…

Midwest Human Rights, March 7, 2011: “Radio show”Acting for Human Rights: The Gutherie Theatre, World Without Genocide, and Heaven”
World Without Genocide is hosting an hour-long radio show on KFAI Radio, Tuesday, March 8, 6-7 pm, for International Women’s Day.  The show will focus on the Guthrie Theater’s production of Heaven, a new play about the genocide in Bosnia in the 1990s, and World’s symposium, Finding Truth:  Exhumations, Examinations, and Rule of Law in Bosnia and Kosovo on March 29.  Read More…

MPR News, March 4, 2011: “Blood Diamonds, Conflict Minerals and Chocolate”
I love chocolate.  I never thought about where it comes from until I read about the situation in the Ivory Coast, source of most of the world’s chocolate. Read More…

American Jewish World, January 7, 2011: “Basilica to exhibit Sylvia Horwitz photos”
Thousands of artists, activists and professionals — called the “disappeared” — were tortured and killed in Argentina’s Military dictatorship from 1976-1983.  Ordinary Argentinians, especially mothers and grandmothers of the disappeared, have been raising awareness about these crimes and advocating for justice.

The Voice of Shir Tikvah, January 2011: “Journey to Europe this July to witness, remember the Holocaust and genocide”
World Without Genocide will lead a trip from July 4-17 to European cities marked by tragedy during the Holocaust.  Participants will learn about the history, visit memorials and museums, and see both the legacy of genocide and the rebirth…Read More…

Minnesota Women’s Press, December 2010 issue: “Changemaker: World Without Genocide works to end mass atrocities around the globe,” by Anne Hamre
Even before she began her current work, Ellen Kennedy’s far-flung travel destinations shared a theme: Nazi death camps. Rwanda. Siberia. One year, Yom Kippur found her at the killing fields in Cambodia.   Read More…

MPR News, December 10, 2010: “In Sudan, a vote for independence” by Ellen Kennedy
For 20 years, the government of Sudan, headquartered in the north, fought a brutal civil war against the people in the southern part of the country. At stake was control of the south’s oil resources. More than 2 million people perished and millions were displaced from their homes and their villages.  Read More…

Twin Cities Daily Planet, November 13, 2010:  “House of the Spirits resurrects ghosts of dictatorships past,” by Lisa Peterson-De La Cueva
There are ghosts, love stories, families, and torture—lots of it—in Mixed Blood’s production of the House of Spirits.  Through much of the play the main character narrates her family’s history, some of it beautiful and ephemeral, from a hostile looking torture chamber.   Read More…

Torrington Telegram, November 12, 2010:   “Renowned speaker advocates genocide prevention,” by Adam Louis
Dr. Ellen Kennedy had what she calls “Anne Frank dreams.”  Read More…

The Branding Iron Online, November 8, 2010:   “Speaker lectures on genocide prevention,” by Erin Jarnagin
Students listened to a talk Monday about genocide  in Darfur and specifically genocide prevention and conflict resolution.  Read More…

University of Wyoming News, November 2, 2010: “Genocide Prevention Lecture”
Ellen Kennedy, founder and executive director of World Without Genocide, will speak Monday, Nov. 8, at 5 p.m. in Room 222 of the University of Wyoming Classroom Building.  Read More…

Augustana College News, April 28, 2010:  “World Without Genocide founder to speak” by Kamy Beattie
Dr. Ellen J. Kennedy, an advocate for the prevention of genocide, will deliver a lecture “Standing Up to the Nazis: Jews’ Armed and Spiritual Resistance in the Vilna Ghetto” on Tuesday, May 4 at 7 p.m. in the Franklin W. Olin Center for Educational   Read more…

MinnPost, May 3 2010:  “World Without Genocide book clubs: Tackling tough questions,” by Audra Otto
On a recent Tuesday evening, members of a World Without Genocide book club gathered in a Guthrie Theater classroom to discuss Robert Skloot’s one-act play, “If the Whole Body Dies.”  Read more…

MPR News, June 17, 2010: “Story of Rwandan genocide shows how easily the human tide can turn,” by Ellen Kennedy
I went to Rwanda in the summer of 2005. I traveled around the country for two weeks with a young Rwandan woman, Alice Musabende, who was my guide and translator.  Read more…

MPR News, June 28, 2010:  “Young survivors of the worst horror,” by Ellen Kennedy
When most people think of genocide, if they think of it at all, their image may be of Holocaust survivors in their 80s, with numbers tattooed on their forearms, telling stories about a war we didn’t live through and an experience we can’t understand.  Read more…

Edina Community News & Voices, August 5, 2010: “Edina resident fighting genocide full-time,” by Katie Mintz
From a recent visit to Bosnia, Edina resident Ellen Kennedy knows her work is not close to being done.  Read more…

Minnesota Women’s Press, “Women and genocide,” by Ellen Kennedy
I went to Rwanda in 2005. I spent two weeks traveling around the country. Alice Musabende, a young Rwandan, was my translator and guide. Read more…