Speakers’ Bureau


Speaking Topics

Talks are available on the following topics:

  • Armenian Genocide and the Holocaust: Denial and Justice
  • Ballots and Bullets: Elections and Violence
  • Blood Diamonds, Hot Chocolate, and Conflict Minerals: The ‘Resource Curse’
  • Bosnia: The Aftermath of Genocide
  • Burma: The Persecution of Ethnic Minorities
  • Child Soldiers, Child Victims, and Children’s Rights
  • Children of Genocide: The Holocaust, Rwanda, and Cambodia
  • China in Africa
  • Divestment in Sudan
  • East Timor: Genocide in Paradise
  • Food Fights: Hunger, Violence, and Genocide
  • Guatemala: Violence against the People and the Land
  • Gender-Based Violence: From the Local to the Global
  • Genocide in Darfur and Sudan
  • Genocide Prevention and Public Policy
  • Genocide Prevention and the Responsibility to Protect
  • Global Governance
  • Holocaust
    • Auschwitz:  The ‘Final Solution’ and Prosecuting the Perpetrators
    • From Hitler Youth to Child Soldiers Today:  Perpetrators and Prosecutors
    • From the Herero to the Holocaust:  The Legacy of Genocide
    • Kristallnacht, the Kindertransport, and the Genocide Convention
    • Ravensbruck:  A Women’s Concentration Camp and Prosecuting the Women Guards
    • Standing Up to the Nazis:  Armed and Spiritual Resistance in the Vilna Ghetto
    • Terezin:  Hiding Truth in the Concentration Camp
  • Human Rights: Challenges and Achievements
  • Human Trafficking: Ending Modern Slavery
  • ‘Never Again’ must mean ‘Never’ – from the Holocaust to Darfur
  • Prosecuting Perpetrators: The International Criminal Court and Other Tribunals
  • Rape and Gender-Based Violence in Congo
  • Refugee Manipulation and Militarization
  • Religions and Genocide: Burma, Nigeria, Central African Republic, Mali, and ISIS
  • Rwanda: The Legacy of Genocide
  • Social Entrepreneurship and Human Rights
  • Syria, ISIS, and Climate Change
  • The Challenge of Justice
  • The Eight Stages of Genocide: The Holocaust and Rwanda

Talks can be designed to address specific historical or contemporary conflicts or advocacy issues. World Without Genocide can also develop and conduct workshops, arrange panel discussions following plays and films, provide speakers for conferences and meetings, and conduct interviews with the media.

Please contact us at admin@worldwithoutgenocide.org or 651695-7621 to discuss fees and arrangements.

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