Genocide Education Certificate

World Without Genocide is pleased to announce that a Genocide Education Certificate is available for participants in our conferences, workshops, and events. The certificate demonstrates that the recipient has familiarity with key issues in genocides of the 20th and 21st centuries.

Recipients of the Genocide Education Certificate may be interested in doing the following:

  • Giving a talk about genocide at a school, faith community, or civic group;
  • Writing an article or opinion piece about genocide for a newsletter or paper;
  • Preparing curriculum material for a class;
  • Advocating for anti-genocide activities at a local, state, or national level;
  • Setting up a task force, committee, or action group to learn more about genocides past and present.

The certificate requires that participants attend at least one program that highlights each of the following six genocides: genocide of the Armenians, the Holocaust, genocides in Cambodia, Bosnia, Rwanda, and Darfur, and one additional program covering another past conflict, such as that of the Native Americans or Herero of Namibia, or a present conflict such as those in Burma, Syria, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.  For programs that address several conflicts, that program may be applied to only one of the six major conflicts.

This certificate opportunity begins with programs sponsored or co-sponsored by World Without Genocide beginning in September 2010; it does not apply to programs offered before this date. World Without Genocide will also offer continuing education credits for these programs; this is separate from the certificate program, and educators may receive both continuing education credits and may apply for the certificate.

When a participant has completed seven programs, documentation should be submitted electronically.  Participants will need to record the titles and dates of the programs they are submitting for the certificate.

For additional information, please contact