Take action to preserve Title IX protections for sexual assault survivors on college campuses.

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Sample message (Title IX Coordinator)

Hi. My name is _________. I (am/am not) a student at _________. (or an alum, or I live in the campus community, etc.)

The Title IX guidelines established under the Obama administration took important steps to protect sexual assault victims, hold perpetrators accountable, and create a safe campus. The new interim guidelines do the opposite.

The preponderance of evidence standard should still be used in deciding cases. No sexual assault survivor should have to face their attacker in mediation. If an appeals process is offered, it should be offered to both parties, not just to the accused.

Please stand up for these important policies. The safety of our campus depends on it.


Sample message (Senator/Representative)

Hi. My name is _________ from (city, state).

The current administration has rescinded important protections for sexual assault survivors on campuses. The new guidelines discourage victims from coming forward. Victims are also disadvantaged in the proceedings.

The proposed Title IX Protection Act requires a ‘preponderance of evidence’ standard in deciding cases; it prohibits mediation, which is unfair to assault victims; and it mandates that if an appeals process is offered, it must be offered to both parties. Support the Title IX Protection Act. The safety of your constituents depends on it.





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